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We offer authentic professional promotional services for Musicians, Bands, Singers, DJ's and Producers. Whether signed or unsigned we can help you reach a broader audience. We offer a variety of styles and services to meet your specific brand type. Your music will shine above the norm and rise above the stars reaching new heights that you never would have imagined. Presentation is everything in the music industry today being visually attractive will not only increase your social status, it will bring you the opportunities you never thought possible.


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Poster Promo

$ 35 USD

Poster Promo (Color Dust)

Video Promo

$ 45 USD

Video Promo (Weather Shock)

Poster Promo

$ 35 USD

Poster Promo (Gold Drip)

Video Promo

$ 45 USD

Video Promo (Neon Glitch)


♥ Order 4  Promotions Get 1 FREE .

This service is available for our paying customers. 

 15% Discount after 5 promotional purchases.

This services is available to our returning customers.


This is our guarantee to all our artists.  Impeccable quality, courteous service and great prices for your budget.

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Their promotion is top notch they are fast on delivery and everything looks professional. I highly recommend these services to anybody who needs to reach a bigger audience.

Jack Pollack

I love the videos the designs are awesome and never boring , I can't complain about the prices for the professional content I receive it is worth every dollar. I 'd definitely recommend this service to anyone.

Denise Wheeler

The designs you get to choose from combined with the friendly service is unbeatable. I have never had  such great service from any other promotional site. This is the only promotional service I will ever need. 

Leslie Kurdish

At first I was skeptical  due to all the promo scams out there but once I talked to someone they were understanding to my dilemma i paid half up front and half on delivery and to be honest it was the best investment I ever made. I was signed to a label after just a few days of putting up AEG promotional videos and posters. I still get promotion from them and I couldn't be happier.

Bridget Turner 

Most honest and professional promotional service I have ever bought!

Henry  Wilkins

I was hesitant, but I decided to try a few posters, videos, and a playlist placement I went from 152 Instagram followers to 2,325 Instagram followers and my streams went from 546 listeners to 200,000 plus! in just 3 months I was engaging with real fans andno bots, this service is incredible!

Annie Lester 

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